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Better Type Hinting Proposal for Class Properties in PHP 7.1 - Lately in PHP podcast episode 70

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PHP 7.0 brought us type hinting for class functions and return values, but there was still a missing piece in this giant leap for PHP which is type hinting for class properties.

The latest improvements to the proposal for class property type hinting in PHP 7.1 were one of the main topics discussed by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins in the episode 70 of the Lately in PHP podcast hangout.

They also talked about several other proposals like Null Coealesce Equal Operator, the glitch of not evaluating arguments of new operator for classes without constructors, the latest proposal on catching multiple exception types, allowing empty property names to support json_decode, the spaceship assignment operator, the result of the var deprecation proposal vote.

Special attention to a call for donations to the family of Nate Abele, the core developer of CakePHP and Lithium PHP frameworks.

This article includes a transcript of podcast summary.

Listen to the podcast, or watch the hangout video, or read the summary transcript to learn more about these interesting PHP topics.

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Introduction (0:20)

Summary (1:40)

PHP 5.5.33, 5.5.34, 5.6.19, 5.6.20, 7.0.4 and 7.0.5 released (6:17)

RFC: Null Coealesce Equal Operator (9:55)

Proposal: Evaluate arguments of new for classes without constructors (13:35)

RFC: Catching Multiple Exception Types (17:01)

Proposal: Empty Property Names to suport json_decode (19:24)

Proposal: Spaceship assignment operator (22:28)

RFC: Typed Properties (25:32)

RFC: var deprecation declined (27:10)

Call for Donation: The Family of Core Developer of CakePHP and Lithium PHP Frameworks Needs Our Urgent Help (31:45)

JavaScript Innovation Award Winners of January 2016 (41:50)

JavaScript Innovation Award Rankings of 2016 (44:50)

PHP Innovation Award Winners of Janurary 2016 (45:56)

PHP Innovation Award Rankings of 2016 (54:43)

Conclusion (56:39)


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Show notes

Summary Transcript

The first topic we are going to cover here is about a proposal that is about null coalescing but for assigning values. There is another proposal that was approved for null coalescing but for right hand expressions.

Another discussion that is going on is about an inconsistency that Nikita Popov found in PHP code if you have parameters in a constructor call but the class of the object you are creating does not have a constructor, this code here in the parameters is not evaluate.The idea is to somehow make it more consistent.

Another proposal that is being discussed, actually this is a more formal RFC for something that was proposed like I think in January, is to have multiple exception types being caught using exceptions. If you have different types of exceptions you can have multiple catch statement for each type of exception that you want to catch.

Another topic is about allowing empty property names in classes. This is not usual but since nowadays you can decode JSON objects and they can have properties with empty names, the idea is to support this in PHP so those JSON objects work as well.

The next topic that we are going to cover is about the spaceship operator but this time applied to assignment statements.

Then we talk about a more finalized proposal about having typed properties, I mean type hinting for class variables. This was already also discussed before but there is an updated proposal that addresses some concerns and it was presented recently.

Another topic that we are going to cover is about the final result about the vote for var deprecation, which was discussed last month and now the results come out.

Finally we are going to talk a story that is a bit sad. It is about an issue with the wife of Nate Abele who is one of the core developers of CakePHP and Lithium PHP frameworks. She had an accident with her daughter that was caused by post birth depression, which is a very particular problem. Nobody wants to have that problem.

So now they are in court trying to avoid that she goes to prison for something that certainly she didn't want to commit since it is a special condition that happens to women after they have their kids. Now they are looking for donations to help funding the costs of laywer and experts, so they can win their case in the court.

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