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Launched New Site Design 2020 Edition for the PHP Classes Site

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The PHP Classes site has finally launched a new design after several years without a significant update.

Read this article to learn more about the site design and the work of the designer that joined our team to make it look more modern.

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What is the New PHP Classes 2020 Edition Design?

It has a been a few years since the site appearance was last updated.

Today we are announcing a complex update that has just finished the first step of implementation of the new design.

Basically it consisted in updating the site presentation of the header and footer areas switching to using a more modern icon image set and color scheme.

PHP Classes 2020 Design

Why it is Important to Update a Site Design Regularly?

The PHP Classes site will complete 21 years of age in 2020. The site is part of the business of the Icontem company. In the site we sell products and services of interest for PHP developers like the PHP elePHPants and and premium subscriptions that give access to the remote job postings among other benefits.

The image that a site passes to its users can inspire the users trust, so it is important to pass credibility. This is important for our customers that are interested that will serve them well in a way that they can trust that we will deliver the products and services that we promise.

A site that looks modern attracts more people that are following the trends about fashion. Even though this site is not about fashion, many developers that access the site are interested in aspects related with beauty. So they have pleasure when they look at a site that they see it as beatiful.

Also a site that has an updated design can inspire the trust of its users that it is being maintained, we provide good support and there is real people with good intentions behind the site.

This why the site has passed 1.5 million registered users and keeps growing at a pace of about 100 new users every week day.

So thank you all you that trust in our work. Some times we may take a lot of time to address the users needs and desires, but we always deliver what we promised to provide user satisfaction.

Future Design Update Plans

As it was mentioned above this redesign is one of several steps we planned to implement in 2020.

Next we will improve the site e-commerce section to make it look nicer and also to present the products of the site in a better way, so customers can understand better the options.

Then we are going to launch the PHP marketplace. This will be a part of the e-commerce section of the site on which we will sell products and services of third-party companies.

Later we will implement whatever is needed to make the site compliant with the GDPR and LGPD laws. This site always respected the users privacy by not disclosing any personal data. Basically what we need to do is to make it easier for users that do not want to use the site anymore to remove their accounts.

Thank You For All That Helped

Finally we would like to thank all people that helped updating the site, in particular Vinicius Larvas, the designer that joined our time to make this new design happen.

We also would like to thank to all the critics that told us that we needed to update the site design. You are the reason why this site exists, so it was up to us to address the site design update demand.

Interview with the Designer Vinicius Lavras

Vinicius was chosen because he has natural vocation for fashion design and knows the trends to follow in this area. He also offered to do the work at a reasonable budget.


PC: Hello Vinicius, first of all thanks for your availability and for the excellent work done to help improve the appearance of the PHP Classes website. This was a desired improvement by many site users for a long time to give the site a modern look.

For this you have been contributing to the satisfaction of many users who rightly complain about the lack of update of the site.

Who is Vinicius Lavras?

PC: The first question is about you.

Can you tell us a little about who you are, where you live, what you work for and what you like to do?

VL: Who am I? Come on! I'm 27. I live in Bauru, in the interior of São Paulo state in Brazil. I work at a mall as a salesperson but the design work came into my life when I was only 15 years old.

At the time I even made some videos for YouTube, which even offered me to make money but I did not quite understand it, so I ended up missing the opportunity and leaving aside this world that I admire a lot today.

At the age of 20 I was unemployed and as I had a little knowledge, I started to do some jobs and it was then that I returned to the world of designer and find myself today. All the knowledge I gathered was through videos and articles that I found on the Internet, as I consider myself a self-taught person, so I was always looking for more knowledge in the area.

In short, working in the field is what I like and I hope to always be evolving.

The Design Work

PC: Another question is about the work you did.

What were the biggest challenges you faced when doing this job?

VL: The biggest challenge I had was with myself, as I consider myself a perfectionist. So I always try to excel in the work I do to be as pleasant as possible in the eyes of users.

The proposals for improvements were constant, everywhere I gave my opinion as a Designer and put myself in the vision of the user to arrive at a satisfactory result in both parts.

PC: Can you give us more details about what parts of the site you proposed improvements and the criterion you used to design the new look you proposed for the site?

VL: The criterion I used to give the site a new look was the minimalist design. I am more adept at using this style. I also used the color trends and the most important were the feedbacks that Manuel Lemos, that responsible for the site, it was passing me.

Manuel has been in the programming business for over 30 years and with that I absorbed new ideas that I can use from now on in new design projects for other professionals in the field.

The Results

PC: Did you like the result of applying your work, or is there something you would like to make better?

VL: I certainly create the arts as if it were a personal project.

Recommendations for Other Sites and Applications

PC: Now for our readers who also have websites, what can you say to convince them to improve the appearance of their website that leads to benefits for the audience and business of those websites?

VL: From my point of view, a well designed Web site has more credibility, security, convenience and other benefits, both for the user and for the person responsible for the site.

Contact Information

PC: If someone wants to hire your work to improve their websites and applications how can they get in touch?

VL: You can get in touch via e-mail or via WhatsApp.


PC: That's it for now. Thank your for your collaboration. We hope to count on your collaboration in the future to help improve the appearance of the PHP Classes website and other projects of the company Icontem.

We are sure that you will have a promising future in your career as a designer and image professional in general. Success for your career and personal life.

VL: Thanks for the space, for letting me tell you a little bit of my story and show you my work. I always hope to be available for future work!

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