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Multiuser video chat using Socket.IO and WebRTC
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Laravel Video Chat

Laravel Video Chat using Socket.IO and WebRTC

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composer require php-junior/laravel-video-chat

Laravel 5.5 uses Package Auto-Discovery, so doesn't require you to manually add the ServiceProvider.

If you don't use auto-discovery, add the ServiceProvider to the providers array in config/app.php


php artisan vendor:publish --provider="PhpJunior\LaravelVideoChat\LaravelVideoChatServiceProvider"


php artisan migrate
php artisan storage:link

change APP_URL in .env

This is the contents of the published config file:

return [
    'relation'  => [
        'conversations' =>  PhpJunior\LaravelVideoChat\Models\Conversation\Conversation::class,
        'group_conversations' => PhpJunior\LaravelVideoChat\Models\Group\Conversation\GroupConversation::class
    'user' => [
        'model' =>  App\User::class,
        'table' =>  'users' // Existing user table name
    'table' => [
        'conversations_table'   =>  'conversations',
        'messages_table'        =>  'messages',
        'group_conversations_table' =>  'group_conversations',
        'group_users_table'     =>  'group_users',
        'files_table'           =>  'files'
    'channel'   =>  [
        'new_conversation_created'  =>  'new-conversation-created',
        'chat_room'                 =>  'chat-room',
        'group_chat_room'           =>  'group-chat-room'
    'upload' => [
        'storage' => 'public'

Uncomment App\Providers\BroadcastServiceProvider in the providers array of your config/app.php configuration file

Install the JavaScript dependencies:

    npm install
    npm install --save laravel-echo js-cookie vue-timeago webrtc-adapter vue-chat-scroll

If you are running the Socket.IO server on the same domain as your web application, you may access the client library like

<script src="//{{ Request::getHost() }}:6001/"></script>

in your application's head HTML element

Next, you will need to instantiate Echo with the connector and a host.

 window.Cookies = require('js-cookie');
 import Echo from "laravel-echo" = require('');
 window.Echo = new Echo({
     broadcaster: '',
     host: window.location.hostname + ':6001'

Finally, you will need to run a compatible Socket.IO server. Use tlaverdure/laravel-echo-server GitHub repository.

In resources/assets/js/app.js file:

 import VueChatScroll from 'vue-chat-scroll';
 import VueTimeago from 'vue-timeago';
 Vue.component('chat-room' , require('./components/laravel-video-chat/ChatRoom.vue'));
 Vue.component('group-chat-room', require('./components/laravel-video-chat/GroupChatRoom.vue'));
 Vue.component('video-section' , require('./components/laravel-video-chat/VideoSection.vue'));
 Vue.component('file-preview' , require('./components/laravel-video-chat/FilePreview.vue'));
 Vue.use(VueTimeago, {
     name: 'timeago', // component name, `timeago` by default
     locale: 'en-US',
     locales: {
         'en-US': require('vue-timeago/locales/en-US.json')

Run npm run dev to recompile your assets.


  • One To One Chat ( With Video Call )
  • Accept Message Request
  • Group Chat
  • File Sharing


Get All Conversation and Group Conversation

$groups = Chat::getAllGroupConversations();
$conversations = Chat::getAllConversations()

<ul class="list-group">
    @foreach($conversations as $conversation)
        <li class="list-group-item">
            <a href="#">
                    <span>{{ substr($conversation->message->text, 0, 20)}}</span>
            <a href="#">
                @if($conversation->message->conversation->second_user_id == auth()->user()->id)
                    <a href="accept_request_route" class="btn btn-xs btn-success">
                        Accept Message Request

    @foreach($groups as $group)
        <li class="list-group-item">
            <a href="#">
                <span>{{ $group->users_count }} Member</span>

Start Conversation


Accept Conversation


Get Conversation Messages

$conversation = Chat::getConversationMessageById($conversationId);

<chat-room :conversation="{{ $conversation }}" :current-user="{{ auth()->user() }}"></chat-room>

Send Message

You can change message send route in component

Chat::sendConversationMessage($conversationId, $message);

Start Video Call ( Not Avaliable On Group Chat )

You can change video call route . I defined video call route trigger/{id} method POST Use $request->all() for video call.

Chat::startVideoCall($conversationId , $request->all());

Start Group Conversation

Chat::createGroupConversation( $groupName , [ $otherUserId , $otherUserId2 ]);

Get Group Conversation Messages

$conversation = Chat::getGroupConversationMessageById($groupConversationId);

<group-chat-room :conversation="{{ $conversation }}" :current-user="{{ auth()->user() }}"></group-chat-room>

Send Group Chat Message

You can change message send route in component

Chat::sendGroupConversationMessage($groupConversationId, $message);

Add Members to Group

Chat::addMembersToExistingGroupConversation($groupConversationId, [ $otherUserId , $otherUserId2 ])

Remove Members from Group

Chat::removeMembersFromGroupConversation($groupConversationId, [ $otherUserId , $otherUserId2 ])

Leave From Group


File Sharing

Run this command php artisan storage:link

Send Files in Conversation

Chat::sendFilesInConversation($conversationId , $request->file('files'));

Send Files in Group Conversation

Chat::sendFilesInGroupConversation($groupConversationId , $request->file('files'));


  • Add Members to Group
  • Remove Member From Group

Next Version

  • Group Video Call


  • All Contributors


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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