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Role: Auxiliary data
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Description: Auxiliary data
Class: PHP Tournament Bracket Generator
Organize the matches of teams in a tournament
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Filters are special classes used in order to filter out teams only by some given criteria.

You can apply filters to getTeams() and sortTeams() methods and Progressions.

Creating a filter

$filter = new \TournamentGenerator\TeamFilter($criteria = 'points', $comparator = '>', $value = 0, $groups = [])

  • $criteria - what to filter by
  • $comparator - `>` greater than - `<` less than - `>=` greater or equal than - `<=` less or equal then - `=` equal to - `!=` not equal to
  • $value
  • $groups - array of groups to consider results from - other groups will be ignored

List of criteria

List of criteria to filter teams by

| Criteria | Description | | :------: | :---------: | | points | points acquired | | score | score acquired | | wins | number of wins | | losses | number of losses | | draws | number of draws | | second | number of times where the team was second (at least 3 teams in game) | | third | number of times where the team was third (at least 4 teams in game) | | team | filter a specific team | | not-progressed | filter only teams that have not been progressed yet from certain group | | progressed | filter only teams that have been progressed from certain group |

Using a filter

Getting teams

A simple filter might be used in order to get for example only the teams that have won at least 3 times

$filter = new \TournamentGenerator\TeamFilter('wins', '>=', 3, $tournament->getGroups());

$filteredTeams = $tournament->getTeams(false, null, [$filter]);

This will filter all teams in a tournament and give you only the ones that satisfy given filter.

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You can also use filters to progress teams. Imagine a situation where you progress 2 best teams from one group, and you want to progress all others to another. We can do this, no matter the number of teams with a filter.

$group->progression($nextGroup, 0, 2); // Setup progression to progress only the best 2 teams
$group->progress(); // Progress the teams

$filter = new \TournamentGenerator\TeamFilter('not-progressed', '', 0, [$group]); // Setup the filter

$group->progression($anotherGroup)->addFilter($filter); // Setup a empty progression with a filter
$group->progress(); // Progress the teams

This will move 2 best teams from $group to $nextGroup and all others to $anotherGroup;

More complex filters

If you need to, you can also combine filters to create more complex filters. This uses a helper Filter class.

One way of combining filters is creating a list of them. Then it will require the teams to satisfy all of them.

$filter1 = new \TournamentGenerator\TeamFilter('wins', '>', 2, $tournament->getGroups()); // More than 2 wins
$filter2 = new \TournamentGenerator\TeamFilter('losses', '<', 4, $tournament->getGroups()); // Less than 4 losses

$filteredTeams = $tournament->getTeams(false, null, [$filter1, $filter2]);

This will filter only the teams that have more than 2 wins and less than 4 losses.

If you want to combine the filters in much more complex way, you can create a multi-dimensional array of your filters using and and or keys;

$filter1 = new \TournamentGenerator\TeamFilter('wins', '>', 2, $tournament->getGroups()); // More than 2 wins
$filter2 = new \TournamentGenerator\TeamFilter('losses', '<', 4, $tournament->getGroups()); // Less than 4 losses
$filter3 = new \TournamentGenerator\TeamFilter('score', '>=', 400, $tournament->getGroups()); // More or equal than 400 score

$filteredTeams = $tournament->getTeams(false, null, [
	'and' => [
		'or' => [$filter1, $filter2],

This will give you all the teams that have more than 400 score and more than 2 wins or less than 4 losses.

If you ever want to filter teams with double or or and, you can wrap it in an array like so.

$filteredTeams = $tournament->getTeams(false, null, [
	'and' => [
		['or' => [$filter1, $filter2]],
		['or' => [$filter3, $filter4]]

Applying more complex filters to progressions

If you want to add complex filters to progressions you can just add more with:

$group->progression($anotherGroup)->addFilter($filter1, $filter2);

and this filter teams that satisfy both: filter1 and filter2.

However, if you want to use complex filters with set operators, you have to use setFilters() method.

	'and' => [
		'or' => [$filter1, $filter2],