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Ascetic Laboratory (Inactive)
Location: Kaliningrad
Responsible: ascetic <email contact>
CodeIdol Lab (Inactive)
Location: Petersburg
Responsible: Sergey Ivanov <email contact>
Icon-System (Inactive)
Location: Krasnodar, Krasnodarskiy Kray
Responsible: Akulov Sergey <email contact>
igrok54 (Inactive)
Location: Perm
Responsible: Andrey <email contact> (Inactive)
Location: Omsk
Responsible: Grigoriy <email contact>
Lipetsk PHP Group (Inactive)
Location: Lipetsk, Lipetskaya Oblast'
Responsible: Pavel A Pleshkov <email contact>
LogiSystemPHP (Inactive)
Location: Tyumen
Responsible: Sergey Sergeevich Baklanov <email contact>
Ngine Team (Inactive)
Location: Moscow
Responsible: Maxim Rodikov <email contact>
Novosibirsk PHP developer group (Inactive)
Location: Novosibirsk Passazhirskiy, Stantsiya, Novosibirskaya Oblast'
Responsible: Maxim <email contact>
PHP Alania (Inactive)
Location: Vladikavkaz
Responsible: Victor Farazdagi <email contact>
PHP Time (Inactive)
Location: Moscow
Responsible: Revin Roman <email contact>
PHPClub (Inactive)
Location: Moscow
Responsible: Alexandr Smirnov <email contact>
PHPTIH (Inactive)
Location: Tikhoretskoye, Omskaya Oblast'
Responsible: igo <email contact>
Pskov PHP Coders Club (Inactive)
Location: pskov
Responsible: Carlos Castaneda <email contact>
Russian (Inactive)
Location: Omsk
Responsible: DarkGool <email contact>
Ser Moro PHP learning (Inactive)
Location: Moscow
Responsible: Ser Moro <email contact>
TvoySite (Inactive)
Location: Yekaterinburg
Responsible: Alexander Sorokin <email contact>
ZarEthernet Services (Inactive)
Location: Zarinsk
Responsible: Nikolay Beresnev <email contact>