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Symfony PHP Encrypt Decrypt Bundle
Encryption protects sensitive data from being stolen by people with bad intentions.

Encryption is usually used during the transmission of data sent between two computers, such as the content of Web pages served by a secure site using SSL encryption.

Encryption can also be used to store and encrypt data in databases.

This package implements a transparent encryption and decryption solution for PHP applications based on the Symfony framework, making it easy for Symfony developers to use.
PHP MVC Framework
Frameworks are libraries of components that can be reused in multiple applications.

This fact allows developers to take less time to develop new applications using the same framework.

Check this framework to learn how to implement your own framework inspired in the code provided by this framework to implement common features needed by many applications like for instance models, views, controllers, request handler, router and dispatcher, and error handling.
ChatGPT Text and Speech Converter
One good use of Artificial Intelligence technologies is to process human voices.

Check this PHP package to learn how to use the ChatGPT API from PHP to convert text to voice audio or convert voice audio to text strings.
Livewire Tagify
Laravel Livewire is a package that helps build modern user interfaces of applications developed using Laravel by integrating JavaScript libraries like React.js and Vue.js.

Tagify is a JavaScript library that can help add more tags to existing HTML tags on a Web page.

This package can integrate the Tagify library with Laravel Livewire components to add support to more tag attributes to integrate better with Laravel Livewire components.
Simple PHP Elastic Search
Sites and applications that provide a lot of information that may be split into many pages may be too difficult for users to find the information they desire.

A search system may be useful in a site or application to help users locate the desired information.

Elastic Search is a Web service that allows developers to add a search system to their sites or applications without implementing their search system with their code.
PHPUnit Coverage Report Check
PHPUnit is a popular PHP framework to help developers elaborate test code to verify whether the code works as expected.

PHPUnit produces a Clover report in XML format that provides several details about the level of coverage of a current set of tests that use PHPUnit to test a PHP project.

Check this PHP package that uses the PHPUnit Clover report to calculate a coverage score and you can check how well your PHPUnit test code is testing your PHP projects.
Back FaceX
Face recognition is a feature of many systems that allows quick access to people who show their faces.

A system that supports face recognition must keep track of the faces of authorized users.

This package implements a login system that supports recognizing people who show their faces.
Webhook Deploy
Git is a version control system that can keep track of the changes done in the files of a project.

Git became more popular after the GitHub site started hosting projects using Git.

GitHub offers a Webhook service that can send requests to given URLs when a project is updated in a Git repository hosted by GitHub.

This package implements a Webhook handler script that updates site files when GitHub accesses a Webhook URL.
Dynamic Iframe for Gutenberg
WordPress is a well-known content management platform that allows editors to create and edit content in a user-friendly way.

It allows developers to create plugins that will enable them to extend the editor capabilities beyond what the base WordPress editor allows.

This package provides a WordPress plugin that allows embedding content from external pages from the article editor.
PHP App Generator
Many PHP applications have common parts that provide users access to perform create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations on database table records.

Writing code to implement CRUD operations manually is a task that is tedious and time-consuming.

Check this PHP package that can generate code to use the Laravel framework to automatically generate applications with code that implement CRUD operations through an API or Web pages to manipulate given database tables using Laravel model classes.