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Assumes 2-char codes?

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Subject:Assumes 2-char codes?
Summary:detectLanguage appears to assume all lang codes are 2 chars
Author:Dan Franklin
Date:2009-01-16 15:59:55

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Picture of Dan Franklin Dan Franklin - 2009-01-16 15:59:55
We're starting to internationalize one of our websites, so I was very interested in this class when it appeared. I think there is a problem with the detectLanguage function. The line

$this->language = substr($this->languages,0,2);

appears to assume that all language codes are 2 characters long. In fact some language codes can be 3 characters long. See BCP47 ( ).

This assumption may be in other parts of this function as well - I see other "2"s in there.

It would be better to take the first string up to a '-' (or for some weird browsers, a '_' as well) to choose the language.

Thanks for providing the class!